You will need Warcraft2 data files to play the game, you can use an original CDROM or a (legally) backupped images.
You must NOT use edition, it won't work, you need the DOS edition.
Expansion "beyond the dark portal" is supported.
Game localized in these languages are known to work: us, spanish, german, uk, italian, portuguese, french.

1) Download data file extractor
2) Insert your Warcraft2 CDROM and run the setup
3) Copy the destination folder (by default on the destop) inside your phone's SD CARD
4) Run the Wargus on your phone and choose the folder using the "Browse" button
5) You can play :-) just tap on "Launch!"


Q: Can i use already extracted data files from other Wargus version?
A: Yes you can, but there are 2 drabacks: only few resolutions are supported (800x480 is luckily among them), music is cdrom quality: on a phone it will just drain more batteries.

Q: What about linux, why there is no linux file extractor?
A: Don't worry, you can use windows version using wine, it has been tested and it works fine.

Q: Wasn't Wargus/Stratagus open source? where can I download sources?
A: I'm working to clean up sources, when I will be done I will publish a direct link, in the meantime you can request a copy to